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CASEing Mailes

lime doodle: CASEing Mailes

18 December 2010

CASEing Mailes

Another two CASEs of the wonderful Mailes Belles. My first card was based on this one by Mailes.

And my second card was a more direct CASE of this one by Mailes.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going smoothly.



At 18 December 2010 at 14:02 , Blogger Kara said...

gorgeous! i love mailie's work too!

At 18 December 2010 at 14:09 , Blogger Brandi said...

These are beautiful! I love Mailes work as well. The color combo on the first card is fabulous!

At 18 December 2010 at 15:30 , Blogger Laurie said...

Debby these are so pretty! I love the patterened papers you chose! I love Maile too!

At 18 December 2010 at 23:58 , Blogger Eva said...

these are great...i really like the design of the first card.

At 19 December 2010 at 16:28 , Blogger Nancy L. said...

very pretty cards!
i too love maile's style!

At 20 December 2010 at 12:58 , Blogger Aimes said...

*sigh* Maile's work is fabulous and so are your cards! Especially love the first one - great for guys!

At 22 December 2010 at 06:53 , Blogger sillyleann said...

Ok, I am taken with the first card. AdorAble!

At 22 December 2010 at 14:10 , Blogger DF said...

Great job. Love the butterfly one especially. Great detail with the button threading.

At 29 December 2010 at 01:52 , Blogger Jen Carter said...

Both are beautiful! I love your interpretation of them!

At 31 December 2010 at 14:26 , Blogger Amy Kolling said...

I am glad I'm not the only one that likes Maile! LOL Your cards are beautiful just like hers!


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