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I'm moving and a giveaway!

lime doodle: I'm moving and a giveaway!

9 April 2013

I'm moving and a giveaway!

Wow, the time is here and I can finally introduce you to my new blog home!

Before I link you up I thought I'd let you know why I wanted to move. When I first started blogging, Blogger was a great platform - easy to set up and use. However with the imminent demise of Google Reader and uncertainty over the role of Google Friend Connect I feel that Google isn't supporting bloggers moving forward. That and the desire to be more in control of 'my home' got me packing my bags and setting up my own site. Another advantage to this is with my blogging experience to date I have a clearer idea of how I want my blog to function and getting all the extended links and connections right from the start. Something I hope will be great for both you and me :)

So without further ado my new blog!

Now I really appreciate the people who have joined me on my blogging journey. All those faces peeping out of Google Followers are very special to me as are all folks who have connected to this blog via Readers and emails. I know it is so easy to click on to the next blog, so I'm offering a giveaway on Lime Doodle Design as a thank you to all those who have followed me and I hope will continue to do so. I look forward to seeing you, there's a post waiting for you over there!


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