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Plate of worms

lime doodle: Plate of worms

16 February 2011

Plate of worms

We are enjoying our half term break at the moment. When we all come in exhausted from a days fun and everyone's finally fed, watered and settling down for the night, that's when I get out the little pack of craft bits and bobs I've bought with me. A few things for me to do as I relax at the end of the day. And the result so far - a plate of worms! Isn't it supposed to be "a can of worms"? Well there's probably enough here to fill a can!

These cuties are just awaiting some googly eyes and are then intended for my littlest one's party invites. Hopefully I'll have more to show later in the week.



At 16 February 2011 at 12:05 , Blogger Keva said... cute! You come up with the coolest things.

At 16 February 2011 at 13:06 , Blogger Lindsay said...

Oh goodness that is too cute! Makes me smile!

At 16 February 2011 at 14:24 , Blogger Margriet Tournier said...

Ooh, these are adorable! I can't wait to see the invitations.

At 16 February 2011 at 23:39 , Blogger BethieJ said...

So CUTE Debby!!! I just had to let you know I HAD to get that create a critter cartridge because of your CUTE monkeys below.. won it on to wait for it to arrive! :)
Have a GREAT day!

At 18 February 2011 at 16:50 , Blogger Jen Carter said...


At 22 February 2011 at 03:59 , Blogger Ann said...

So CUTE! If only worms really looked like these!


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